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Troubleshooting - Endpoint and SaaS Apps
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Gmail/Google Drive backup fails with ‘ETHROTTLE’ error
‘INVALID OR NULL FOR RESTRICTED PICKLIST' error is thrown when the destination doesn't have the currency type added
‘Password Error’ when activating inSync administrator account
Admin has disabled the account error seen on the inSync client
“Client version unsupported by server. (#100000044)” for GovCloud Customers
401 error during data download using inSync Direct Download utility
A Salesforce admin is unable to view the Druva SFDC 2.0 app configured /installed on the SFDC org
Activate inSync Client on Ubuntu 19.10
Administrator is unable to access user’s backed up data
Activation of the inSync Client using Single Sign-On gets timed out
Auto delete fails to delete preserved users
Admin account not getting created via SCIM, Azure AD deployment or Ad/LDAP deployment method
Backup fails from protected locations on macOS Mojave devices
Backup fails on inSync Client with the error - OperationalError: database is locked
Authentication Request timed out error when activating inSync Client on Mac OS using SSO
Backup fails with the error - inSync cannot backup servers
Backup fails for SharePoint sites deleted from Microsoft 365
Backup and restore sticky notes
Backup fails if backup share consists a USB type device
Backup fails with disk I/O error
Backup fails with SSL or certificate error during certificate validation
Backup of Google Shared Drives with Offline Super Admin
Backups fail after inSync Server upgrade to version 5.9.8 or later
Backup fails with the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process error
Certificate error while accessing the inSync Admin Console
Backup interrupted - Admin has disallowed backup at this time
Backup of SharePoint Online Site Collection fails with a licensing error
Backup stops with Insufficient Storage message
Backups fails with unconvertible time error on inSync Client
Compaction fails showing key error with old IP address
Cannot find usable entries in file while importing users using CSV
Cloud Apps Configuration update for MSP Customer Administrators
Database Error during Direct Download Operation (Mac OS)
Change password for an administrator with a custom admin role
Devices frequently going into inactive state
Folder ending with period (.) created by Direct Download is not accessible
CloudApp Backup Misconfigured -AD Connectors not connected
Data downloaded by eDiscovery Job is extremely large in size than the actual usage of the device in the inSync cloud
Disabled Users in Azure are not getting auto-preserved in Druva
Difference in Exchange Online data and backup data sizes
Different ways to narrow down timeout error while importing users from AD via inSync Connector
DLP status stuck in Decommissioning state
Download using Direct Download utility fails in authentication is set to SSO
Download with inSyncDirectDownload utility fails with 401 Invalid Credentials error
Download with inSyncDirectDownload utitliy fails to start
Endpoint Client backup with encryption enabled fails
Email Body is blank while resetting the inSync password for an inSync User
Druva inSync Client Service does not start manually or automatically
Error 404 Bad request while running API queries
Error 1402 Could not open key UNKNOWN\Components\Verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel
Encrypted files get corrupted
Error with AD and SSO-based authentication after upgrading inSync On-Premise server to 5.8.4
Error 1935 during inSync Client installation
Error while disabling and enabling SSO for inSync Administrator
Error while running Refresh Validation in Org Tools(SFDC 2.0): INVALID TYPE: Cannot use ApexTrigger in this organization
Error while installing Druva inSync client
Error! Missing Profile Permissions
Failed to enable a device from inSync Management Console
ErrorQuotaExceeded message in logs while backing up Exchange Online data
Exchange Mailbox backup fails with the error MailboxNotEnabledForRESTAPI
Exchange Online Backup Completes with "ErrorQuotaExceeded" in logs
Exchange Online restore fails due to restore API limitation
Exchange Online restore fails with Server not reachable error for users provisioned from Azure to Druva using SCIM
Exchange Online restore using only deleted items option restores duplicate items
Failed to get result from AD/LDAP server when importing user via mappings
Gmail and GDrive backup fails with error EUSERNOTFOUND
Google Shared Drive Backup failing with Error : EAUTH
Failed to load authentication key error on the client
Failed to launch inSync Client after TPM was enabled
Getting error 'Operations Error' when trying to create AD/LDAP mapping
How to access the PST download link from the audit trail logs
Getting Error “Service Not Found” while doing a Data copy
How to change SCIM token for Druva inSync App
Google Shared drive backup fails with error: No ORGANIZER/FILE ORGANIZER found for the authorization
Google Team Drive backup fails with error - No ORGANIZER/FILE ORGANIZER
High RAM usage due to high Metafile use in inSync Server installed on Windows 2003, 2008
How to add column (fields) for a specific object under the data template
How to backup only those users who have an employee ID in Azure AD
How to backup windows event logs folder via junction folder
How to backup shared mailbox
How to globally exclude hidden folders on MAC from inSync backup
How to change Time zone for "Last Backup Completed" on Druva Admin portal
How to check the size of folders being backed up from the end user’s device
How to delete all the backed up snapshots under the SFDC 2.0 app
How to create the SCIM mapping for an attribute value that has a comma in it
How to get critical alerts on slack channel
How to map both UserPrincipalName and Email address from Okta to Druva
How to perform Clean Uninstallation of inSync client in MAC OS
How to run eDiscovery Client with logon as a different user
How to unlock a user in inSync
How to recover the data backed up from an end user’s device that has storage usage in the cloud but no snapshots visible in its backup
How to reset the password for an already activated user in SFDCV2 App
How to Update Druva SSO SAML Certificate on Okta
How to resolve ‘EAUTH’ error for Google Shared Drive Backup
How to stop preserving user accounts which were imported/provisioned on the inSync admin via SCIM app configured on the Azure
How to take circular packet capture on Linux
IMD activation fails for the user in a Non AD/LDAP environment
How to use API Credentials with Druva Developers Hub
IMD token-based activation fails for AD user logged on to macOS
IMD of inSync Client fails on Windows devices having hostname longer than 15 characters
IMD token-based activation fails for AD user logged on macOS
inSync Client backup interrupts when using Proxy
inSync Client cannot backup SQL DB files
inSync Client activation fails due to a lack of trust between the Endpoints and the Domain controller.
inSync backup fails due to the backup proxy
inSync Client backup fails stating the device is disabled despite the device being active
inSync client backup fails with multiple error messages
inSync Client reports Low User Storage Space Available
inSync Client does not launch on Windows OS device
Insync client failed to activate using IMDv2
inSync Client fails to activate with incorrect header check error
inSync Client installation fails with an error
inSync Client installation fails due to an existing client installation
inSync emails fail with an unexpected error
inSync connector registration fails with Registration failed error
inSync Direct Download fails to start with 'Need more than 1 value to unpack' error
inSync fails to back up OneDrive folder
inSync fails to update last connected date with device backup
inSync fails to back up custom folder on a MAC device
inSync fails to back up a locked site
inSync fails to recognize users on OneDrive
inSync for Slack configuration fails with team_not_authorized error
inSync is unable to auto-discover few SharePoint sites
inSync Management Console fails to launch from the desktop shortcut
inSync Master Server 5.9.8 does not support Forward Secrecy
inSync Share folders fail to sync on Mac OS
M365 backup fails with ‘ETHROTTLE’ or Throttling error
Manage Users from “One login”using SCIM
inSyncUSyncer.exe continuously request for credentials
inSync profile administrator unable to edit Auto Delete Preserved Users settings
inSync Share session completes with errors on Windows
inSync shuts down abruptly after backup on a device installed with macOS Mojave
Intermittent alerts from Druva stating M365 App being disconnected with Druva inSync
M365 backups are failing with Authentication error (#100000003)
MAPI restore fails with insufficient disk space error
Master server processes fail to come up on the new Linux/CentOS server after migration
Multiple alert emails after file restore
Microsoft SharePoint is backing up with 'object is not iterable' error
Multiple inSync Share entries in Finder on Mac
Microsoft 365 authorization error occurs when reconfiguring Microsoft 365 app
MS Teams backups are failing with Authentication error
Not able to download authkey for a inSync user
Not able to import users from AD mapping
Not able to login to SFDC 2.0
Microsoft 365 backups fail after multi-factor authentication is enabled for a global admin account
Not receiving scheduled reports email from inSync Reports
Object exclusions set under “Custom Child Object” selection window does not exclude the objects from the Data Template
OneDrive and SharePoint App shows as not configured.
Microsoft 365 Team site restore fails
OneDrive backup failure after Updating user name in Microsoft 365
Outlook Sync failed during PST backup
Outlook errors
Password policy for Druva Cloud Administrators using the failsafe option when SSO is enabled
Procedure for reactivating devices
Poll notification thread fails to reach the server
Profile Creation for M365 Shared mailbox backup in InSync
Reactivating devices using IMD v2
Recreating a user-linked SaaS App device if it was deleted
Reconfigure inSync with Google Workspace
Regenerate the SCIM Token and apply to the SCIM application in IdP ( Azure/OKTA)
Reporting API fails with unexpected error
Restore of Azure AD joined machine and user login does not work after restore of System Apps settings
Restore of Gmail data swamp the user's inbox
Restore window on inSync client GUI prompts repeatedly for credentials without any error message
Restore of System and App settings results in lock sign on restored item
Restoring data through inSync Client on macOS remains stuck and fails with disk I/O error
RPC version mismatch error while accessing inSync Share file on web browser
Salesforce configuration fails with error in fetching organization details
Scheduled backups failing for Cloud Apps
Scheduled backups of Microsoft Sharepoint Cloud App fail
Send passwords by email option missing from UI when importing users using a CSV file
SFDC Backup Tasks are found in PENDING state
SFDC2.0 - When system object records are backed up, the Total Backup Data size in Druva is greater than the actual size of the org in SFDC
Scheduled backups are trigerred during blackout window
SharePoint backup completes with errors due to excess files
SharePoint Site’s data usage in inSync is less than the actual data usage in Microsoft 365
Size of in-progress backup differs from the size of backup content
Shared mailbox license shows inaccurate count in Druva inSync
SSO login error “User not a direct member of the group with access, nor had access directly assigned by an administrator”
Some files under the home directory on Linux devices are failing to be backed up
System App settings backup fails with error: “USMT error code 36”
SSO login failure
Team Metadata Backup failed
System App settings backup fails with USMT error code 26
Team backups completed with errors
Teams Backup failing with Error due to a channel not being found
The size of the Data downloaded from inSync backup to a Mac OS is larger in size than the size displayed in the inSync admin UI.
Troubleshoot Server Storage Capacity Reached error
Troubleshoot - 'Auto-Preserve Unmapped Users' is not working in inSync Cloud
Troubleshoot AppData issues indicated by Misconfigured Backup Folder alert
Troubleshoot auto-upgrade issue from inSync Client 5.9.5 to a later version
Troubleshoot Could not add storage. The data folder for storage is not accessible or is not a directory error
Troubleshoot error "Failed Authentication. The number of users has exceeded the licensed users and a new Org cannot be added", during Salesforce backup/seeding configuration
Troubleshoot error - An API key value wasn't specified
Troubleshoot error 2203 - Installation ended prematurely
Troubleshoot OU List too large to populate error while creating AD mapping
Troubleshoot restore failure due to an offline client
Troubleshoot restore failure due to network issues
Troubleshoot restore failure due to offline user
Troubleshoot restore failure due to inaccessible restore location
Troubleshoot restore failure due to stopped inSync.exe
Troubleshoot restore failure with access denied error
Troubleshoot restore failure of backup shares
Troubleshoot restore failure of backup shares to original location
Troubleshooting "Recovery policy configured for the system contains invalid recovery certificate"
Troubleshooting 'Invoke-RestMethod' error while using Reporting API with a PowerShell script
Troubleshoot upgrade issues in clients deployed by an MST file
Troubleshooting "Failed while reading file-system structure" error on MAC
Troubleshooting "Error: Could not register Storage Node. Internal Error"
Troubleshooting "Can't contact LDAP server error"
Troubleshooting "Finished backup with errors: Unable to read file. Permission Denied”
Troubleshooting "Server not reachable” error in inSync
Troubleshooting “Session is invalid” error or “Security Certificate presented by inSync Server was issued by a certificate authority not trusted by your Operating System”
Troubleshooting "Server authentication failed OR Internal error"
Troubleshooting “Failed while reading file-system structure” error on Windows
Troubleshooting authorization prompt on inSync Client for Mac OS while performing backup
Troubleshooting an invalid license error in inSync 4.x
Troubleshooting Auto Deployment failure
Troubleshooting compaction failure for inSync Storage
Troubleshooting database error - database disk image is malformed
Troubleshooting error - invalid email-id and username or password while executing the script for reporting APIs
Troubleshooting error - AD/LDAP Connector not connected
Troubleshooting download error (#100000016): User key invalid or username no longer exists
Troubleshooting error - Authentication failed: Invalid email-id or credentials
Troubleshooting 401 Unauthorized error during admin console access after upgrading to 5.8 or later
Troubleshooting error "Signing certificate doesn't match configured certificate"
Troubleshooting error "No valid NameID found. Cannot process response."
Troubleshooting error when connecting to inSyncConfigDBServer on Linux
Troubleshooting Error: Cannot write to log file - Access Denied
Troubleshooting error 2502 while installing inSync Client
Troubleshooting Error: Access restricted while accessing inSync Cloud
Troubleshooting error: “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again after some time.” while uploading the Device Mapping CSV file.
Troubleshooting error- uninstall ended prematurely
Troubleshooting error: Invalid store type for this operation
Troubleshooting failure in mapping WebDAV as network drive
Troubleshooting failure to log on to inSync Web Console with (0,'Error') error
Troubleshooting inSync client backup failure with Volsnap error: "Shadow Copy on volume C: was cancelled because of an IO/error"
Troubleshooting files missed during backup
Troubleshooting inSync Connector errors
Troubleshooting inSync Error #100000016 - User key is either invalid or username no longer exists
Troubleshooting inSyncSyncer.log file bloating issue
Troubleshooting internal error (#100000001) - Unable to backup PDF files
Troubleshooting machine crash after installing inSync client on the machine
Troubleshooting on Public Folder Backup
Troubleshooting Okta SCIM errors - "Error while verifying if user xxxx exists: Forbidden. Errors reported by remote server".
Troubleshooting unable to load inSync login page
Troubleshooting Salesforce Error Failed authentication: “This org is already authenticated with another user, please remove that first”
Troubleshooting Spectre and Meltdown
Troubleshooting on Unable to access the WebDAV URL using admin credentials. Error 500 Internal Server
Troubleshooting System App settings backup fail error - USMT error code 112
Troubleshooting VSS (Volume Shadow Service) errors
Troubleshooting VC++ error during installation
Troubleshooting: Failed to get results from AD\LDAP server error
Troubleshooting VSS Error 8007000e while running inSync backup
Un-mapped AD Users not getting auto-preserved
Unable to add or activate a device client
Troubleshooting VSS Error 0x8000ffff while running inSync backup
Unable to Access Encrypted files
Unable to activate device using IMD
Unable to add guest user
Unable to activate inSync Client through integrated mass deployment for MAC device
Unable to activate inSync Client or Web from the corporate device
Unable to change the role of other administrators
Unable to configure SMTP settings
Unable to create new administrator - Email address already registered
Unable to assign a profile to a user
Unable to Delete a Profile with error “Sensitive Data Governance Policies are associated with this profile. Cannot delete it”
Unable to delete profile error
Unable to delete AD/LDAP account
Unable to download the share content from inSync Web
Unable to delete user or device as the delete control is disabled
Unable to import users from AD mapping
Unable to import users from nested OU in Active Directory
Unable to install inSync Connector
Unable to import users/activate devices automatically using Mass Deployment method(v1 or v2) where the users have accented characters in their name entered on AD server
Unable to install or uninstall MSI packages with the Error code 2753
Unable to launch Admin Console: Error starting inSync Admin UI
Unable to launch inSync or see inSync icon under Ubuntu Desktop 12.04
Unable to launch Admin Console: Error starting inSync Admin
Unable to launch inSync Management Console
Unable to launch Client UI: error "Could not connect to inSync Service"
Unable to login through Fail-safe admin
Unable to login to inSync Web or activate inSync client using AD credentials
Unable to login to web portal or activate inSync Client
Unable to open Auth key
Unable to receive inSync user activation and password reset emails
Unable to map Active Directory to the profile
Unable to open Auth key for activation of inSync client
Unable to receive the Reset Password emails from inSync
Unable to register AD server with inSync server
Unable to reset password using the Reset Password link
Unable to restore MAPI backup
Unable to restore packages into Salesforce Org due missing field: activateRSS
Unable to Restore Data from Admin console
Unable to restore OneDrive data with error “An Unexpected Error has occurred”
Unable to see exchange online restored data on Outlook
Unable to send email when using Port 465 as SMTP port on inSync Server
Unable to send password reset or user creation email
Unable to view the device details on the inSync Dashboard
User devices marked inactive automatically in inSync
Understanding the difference in the Google Drive usage between Google Workspace and Druva inSync backup
User data restore is failing
Unable to View or Create a Profile with error "There are no profiles created"
User creation using SCIM fails with error - None of the SCIM Mapping matched to create user
User does not receive inSync activation email
User import fails with can't contact AD/LDAP server error
User is not able to see the Add folder option in the inSync client
Users fail to receive password reset and new user emails
Users not getting provisioned via SCIM from your IDP to Druva inSync Cloud
Users get auto-preserved even after activation
User unable to access inSync Web
WebDAV download fails with file size exceeds the limit error
Users unable to modify proxy settings on inSync Client
VSS Basic Troubleshooting Guide
Warning message is displayed during inSync Client upgrade
WebDAV Direct Download Error: Attempting to write to read only DB
When clicked on various tabs in the Org Tools / SFDC 2.0 app; blank page gets loaded and nothing is displayed
Windows Installer prompt appears when running the IMD Script for deploying new users
Exception Error observed while trying to login to the SFDC 2.0 app
Orbstack is causing bloated Storage
Backup finishing successfully with 0 Bytes in Google Shared Drive