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Unable to launch Admin Console: Error starting inSync Admin
Updated over a week ago

📝 Note
This article is applicable for
Product edition: inSync server 5.4 and later

Problem description

While accessing inSync admin console, Error starting inSync Admin UI is displayed as shown below.


The scenarios that cause this error are explained below:

Scenario 1

When you double click inSync icon on desktop to launch inSync admin console, it eventually displays this error.

This might happen due to timeout in launching a web browser.


Open a web browser and access inSync admin console using web access url.
https://<server’s url>/admin

Scenario 2

After a fresh install of inSync server v5.4 (and later).

From inSync 5.4 onwards, port TCP 443 is used to access inSync admin console. If the port is utilized by any other application on the server then the error is expected.


Follow the steps below to check and resolve the issue:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.

  2. Run the following command.
    netstat -anob > netstat.txt && netstat.txt

  3. Check which application is using port 443.

  4. From services console, stop and disable the services for that application and reboot the server so that processes for that application are removed and inSync services restart properly.

  5. Double click on inSync Master Management Console, this should load the Admin UI on the browser.

Note:- In case you wish to keep the application on server and want inSync admin GUI to use a different port then please contact Support for further assistance.

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