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Manage Users from “One login”using SCIM
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The procedure to integrate One login with Druva inSync to manage users using SCIM 2.0 is described below.

Pre -requisites

Deploy Druva SCIM App

  • Login to the One login admin page

  • Click on Applications -> Click on “Add App”.

  • Now search for “ SCIM Provisioner with SAML (SCIM v2 Core)” app.

  • Under Display Name enter your preferred name to be given to the SCIM app.e.g. Druva SCIM

  • Now click on ‘Configuration’ tab. Here enter the following details

For Gov cloud Druva inSync instance use below

  • Under ‘SCIM JSON Template’ enter the following script.

   "schemas": [
   "userName": "{$}",
   "displayName": "{$user.firstname} {$user.lastname}",
"company": "{$}"
  • Under SCIM Bearer token we would require to add the SCIM token generated from the Druva admin console.

  • Now click on “Parameters” tab.

  • Here add the following custom attribute.To add custom attributes click on +

SCIM Username mapped to Username value

emailAddress mapped to Email value

  • Select radio button “Configured by admin”

  • Select “Provisioning” tab here select “ Enable provisioning ”.

No need to select Create , Delete and Update user options

  • Now Assign the users that need to be provisioned to the Druva SCIM app.

  • Go back to “Configuration” tab enable the “API Connection”.If the verification is successful the API status shows as Enabled and Save the application.

The users will now be provisioned to the Druva inSync cloud instance.

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