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How to run eDiscovery Client with logon as a different user
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Problem description

When the inSync eDiscovery client is installed, the eDiscovery service runs with the “Local System User” access. Thus, when the client is registered with Druva Cloud, only the Local System User will have access to the client’s credentials.

If the logon as account is changed to a different user, then the eDiscovery download job fails with the below error:

📝 Note
Error Exception: Client password is either deleted or not accessible to the user.


eDiscovery client’s ‘logon as’ user should be changed to the custom service account as needed, before registering it with Druva Cloud.

If the client is already registered, then the following steps can be implemented:

1. Uninstall the eDiscovery Client (if already installed)

2. Delete the client registered in the Druva Admin Adin Console.

3. Now install the eDiscovery client again.

4. Before registering it -> change the service's logon to a different user as you needed. (Refer below steps)

5. Then, register it with Druva using the new eDiscovery credentials.

Steps to change the username under the "Logon As" section.

1) Run Services.msc

2) Double-click on the service you wish to change.

3) Click the Log On tab and then select This account.

5) Browse for the username and then enter the user's password.

Note: You may need to change the From this Location if it does not default to the desired directory

6) Click [OK].

7) Restart the service. This will start the service logged on as the user that you entered; the service will have the same network permissions as that user.

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