Outlook errors
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Information about outlook backup errors and solutions


You may receive following errors in case of outlook backup.

  • “Outlook Sync completed with errors”

  • “Finished backup with errors: Errors observed during Outlook Backup."

  • “Outlook Sync failed: can't connect to GUI.”


Following errors may appear in the inSync client logs. To know the locations of the logs for different version on different platform, click here.

Error messages and resolution

-2147221219,'OLE error 0x8004011d

Error Opening store failed: (-2147221219,'OLE error 0x8004011d', None, None), skipping


This error is caused by stale outlook profiles. Remove the stale profiles and initiate a backup.

-2147221233, 'OLE error 0x8004010f

[2016-06- 30 10:08:40,572] [ERROR] Error (-2147221233, 'OLE error 0x8004010f',None, None), processing email – ‘Abcpro Rollout'


This error is caused when inSync is not able to back up the attachment on the emails. The attachments may be encrypted, corrupted, or password protected.

(-2147467259, 'Unspecified error' / Outlook is not configured

[2016-04- 05 14:13:37,161] [ERROR] MAPIInit failed with (-2147467259,'Unspecified error', None, None)

[2016-04- 05 14:13:37,161] [ERROR] pstlist got error Outlook is not configured.



The above error occurs when outlook is not configured as default email client. This happens in case of MAPI backup.

Following steps will set Outlook as your default mail program.

  1. On the Tools menu in Office Outlook, click Options, and then click the other tab.

  2. Under General, select the Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar check box.

To verify whether Outlook is the default email client:

  1. Set Outlook as your default email client

  2. Open Control Panel and search for Default Programs.

  3. Select Set Default Programs link.

  4. Choose Microsoft Outlook from the list of programs.

  5. Click "Set this program as default".

-2147219968, 'OLE error 0x80040600'

[2016-03- 20 15:50:24,302] [ERROR] Error (-2147219968, 'OLE error 0x80040600', None, None), processing email - 'FW: abc edf ghi Project - Agenda for today'

[2016-03- 20 15:50:24,302] [ERROR] Error <class 'pywintypes.com_error'>:(-

2147219968, 'OLE error 0x80040600', None, None). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):

File "inSyncMAPI\inSyncExtMsgs.pyc", line 291, in syncfolder

File "inSyncMAPI\inSyncExtMsgs.pyc", line 340, in _processmsg

File "inSyncMAPI\inSyncMAPIDrv.pyc", line 871, in getattr

File "inSyncMAPI\inSyncMAPIDrv.pyc", line 504, in getFields

com_error: (-2147219968, 'OLE error 0x80040600', None, None)


This indicates that inSync could not process the emails mentioned in the traceback.

'FW: abc edf ghi Project - Agenda for today'

Verify that the emails and attachments are accessible, or the attachments are inline attachments.

Outlook Sync failed: can't connect to GUI.

[2016-02- 11 18:42:55,822] [INFO] Synchronizing ... Outlook Advanced

[2016-02- 11 18:42:55,835] [ERROR] Error <type 'exceptions.Exception'>:can't

connect to GUI. Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):

File "inSyncLib\inSyncSyncer.pyc", line 3521, in syncmapi

Exception: can't connect to GUI

[2016-02- 11 18:42:55,836] [WARNING] Outlook Sync failed: can't connect to GUI


Ensure that the User is logged in to Windows and Outlook at the time of backup. In addition, check if the inSyncUSyncer.exe process is running on the same user who is logged into the machine and has activated inSync client.

The error can also occur if Outlook was not open on the machine when the backup was running.

This information is applicable to all the supported client OS.

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