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Regenerate the SCIM Token and apply to the SCIM application in IdP ( Azure/OKTA)
Regenerate the SCIM Token and apply to the SCIM application in IdP ( Azure/OKTA)
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Druva enables inSync administrators to automate user management in Druva inSync using System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) v2.0. SCIM is a standard for the exchange of user identities between identity providers (IdPs) and applications requiring user identity information (such as enterprise SaaS apps).

Please follow the below article to configure your SCIM application:

  1. To integrate Okta with inSync, see Manage Users from Okta using SCIM.

  2. To integrate Microsoft Azure AD with inSync, see Manage Users from Microsoft Azure Active Directory using SCIM.

  3. So, every SCIM token generated during the configuration has a validity of 365 days.

  4. Admin will receive multiple reminder emails from Druva when this SCIM token is about to expire.

Please find the screenshot for an example.

To Resolve the above task, Please follow the below steps:

How to Regenerate the SCIM Token and apply to the SCIM application in IdP ( Azure/OKTA)

  1. From the Endpoint, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace dashboard, go to the Users page.

  2. Select the User Provisioning tab.

  3. In the Summary section, select the three-dot menu and click New Token. A new token is generated.

  4. Copy the token and keep it handy.



  • Only a Druva Cloud administrator and inSync Cloud administrator can generate a token.

  • You must copy the token and save it immediately when you generate it. The token is not saved in the inSync Management Console.

  • Once generated, the token is valid for 365 days.

  • If you or any other inSync Cloud administrator regenerates a token, the previous token becomes invalid. The new token must be used to reconfigure the existing SCIM app.

To update this token, If you are using Azure AD as IdP :

  1. Access the Azure portal in Microsoft

  2. Search and click on Enterprise Application, Search and find the SCIM application configured earlier

  3. Access this Application.

  4. From the Provisioning option in the quick launch click on “Update credentials”

  5. Expand Admin credentials.

  6. Paste the New Token which is already kept on “ Secret Token “ and click on Test Connection

  7. The Green Check mark indicates that the new token is valid and the connection is established.

  8. Please Save the setting.

To update this token, If you are using Okta as IdP :

  1. Access OKTA as an administrator

  2. Expand the Quick launch by clicking on the Hamburger Menu at the left top

  3. Go to Applications > Applications

  4. Access the SCIM application for Druva

  5. Click on Provisioning

  6. Click on Integration

  7. Click on Edit

  8. Paste the New token in “API Token” area

  9. Click on Test API credentials

  10. Once you get the Green check mark for the verification, Save the settings

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