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Teams Backup failing with Error due to a channel not being found
Teams Backup failing with Error due to a channel not being found
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

Microsoft Team Site backups with error. When you open up the backup log from Activity Streams, you will notice the following error traceback:


  • The team channel is present but, its corresponding folder is not present in sharepoint.

  • The non existence of this folder can be either due to :

    • Creation of the channel was not fully successful.

    • Admin must have deleted using some other commands like using powershell


[2022-10-12 18:08:33,852] [ERROR] Failed to get channel name from files folder api for channel : 19:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@thread.tacv2, fault Internal Error!! Response Code: 404 Text:{"error":{"code":"NotFound","message":"Sharepoint folder not found.","innerError":{"message":"Sharepoint folder not found.","code":"ItemNotFound","innerError":{},


  1. Log on to the Microsoft Graph Explorer with the Global Admin Access. Link:

  2. Copy the following graph URL and paste it in the query box: <channel guid found in the log>

  3. Run the above graph URL and it should display the name of the channel.

  4. Launch Microsoft Teams application and access the concerned team.

  5. Click on this channel name in the Team App. This will re-create the corresponding folder in the corresponding site collection.

  6. Run the backup of the Team once again.

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