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Team backups completed with errors
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Problem description

Microsoft M365 teams backup complete with error.


One of the team channel folders was missing from the Team Site URL. Thus, the team site was backing up with errors. The team channel is present but its corresponding folder is not present in sharepoint. The non existence of this folder can be either due to :

a. Creation of the channel was not fully successful.

b. Admin have deleted the folder using powershell

Pre-requisites :

1. Each team channel has a corresponding folder in sharepoint. This functionality is default and it's created whenever a channel is newly created.

2. This folder can’t be deleted manually whereas , contents/files in it can be deleted.


📝 Note
[2023-01-09 0851:06,785] [ERROR] Failed to get channel name from files folder api for channel : 19:, fault Internal Error!! Response Code: 404 Text:{"error":{"code":"NotFound","message":"Sharepoint folder not found.","innerError":{"message":"Sharepoint folder not found.","code":"ItemNotFound","innerError":{},"date":"2023-01-09T08:51:06","request-id":"6a81d969-e796-412e-842f-5d54b5066bc5","client-request-id":"6a81d969-e796-412e-842f-5d54b5066bc5"}}} (#100000010)


  • Fetch the name of the channel using the channel GUID found in the backup log and Microsoft Graph Explorer.

You can run powershell command to fetch the channel name using channel GUID

>Get-TeamChannel -GroupId af55e84c-dc67-4e48-9005-86e0b07272f9

  • Access the team in MS Teams Desktop App

  • Click on the channel name, which will trigger a folder creation in Sharepoint.

  • Then run the backup.

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