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Orbstack is causing bloated Storage
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

When the app Orbstack is installed on the machine, the size of snapshots backing up gets bloated.


This is due to the Orbstack app which is a containerized solution like Docker and this contributes to bloated size of storage.

The 8 TB data.img file in OrbStack's data is a virtual disk image.

To find the true size of the file, run du -h ~/.orbstack/data/data.img, or look at "size on disk" in Finder's info panel. Sparse files have two sizes: an apparent size (8 TB in this case), and size on disk (actual usage).

Druva captures the apparent size.


As a workaround, To exclude containers, images, volumes, and Linux machines from backups, add ~/.orbstack/data to your exclusion list.

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