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How to use API Credentials with Druva Developers Hub
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The focus of this article is to aid with entry and familiarisation when testing API calls using the Druva’s "Developer's Hub" site - https:/ Testing functionality on the developer’s hub provides a facility to generate an authentication token, given API credentials from DCP instances. The API reference section of the site provides a widget to generate and use the authentication token (aka “bearer” token) to allow testing of the various API calls available to our products. Note that the purpose of this widget is API exploration, the information gathered through its use is meant to help those developing processes to use Druva API calls.

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  • Cloud admin access to Druva console.

  • ClientID and Secret Key pair from Druva inSync instance (available to copy/paste).

  • If ClientID and Secret Key are not available, follow the steps provided in this article Manage API Credentials to generate, and save for copy/paste use.


  • The Bearer Token (aka. Authentication Token) that is generated by the Developer’s Hub widget described below is only valid for 30 minutes once it is created. Read/plan ahead to make better use of you API exploration time. You can always re-generate.

Specific product API details are documented in depth in Druva’s developers hub site. We will use a simple inSync API call to confirm the generated bearer token is valid.

Generating an "Access Token" (aka Bearer Token)

  • Browse to the Druva Developer's Hub -

  • Click "API Reference" on the top menu link

  • Click "Endpoints and Data Governance" (for this example)

  • Note that other products will use different authentication, (i.e Gov cloud, etc.)

  • Click on "Generate Authentication Token" link on the left side menu.

  • The following “Try It” widget is displayed on the right side of the web page.

  • Copy and paste the "Client ID" value in the "username" field

  • Copy and paste the "Secret Key" value in the "password" field

  • Click on the "Try It" button.

  • Note the "RESPONSE" section displays JSON output.

  • Copy the "access_token" value listed to your notepad and save.

  • (valid for 30 minutes).

Test Credentials with API call.

  • Click on "User Management" link on the left side menu.

  • Click on "List All Users"

  • The following “Try It” widget is displayed on the right side of the web page.

  • The "access_token" copied in the previous step will be used to enter in the “Header” field, and is the "Authorization" value.

  • Important:The word “Bearer” followed by a space character must be entered, preceding the “access_token” value.
    Example (ignore quotes):
    "Bearer Zhdsohdspcnxxxxxxas3r4asfq34fasd4q4faafa4fasdvaw4saw4azsvaw4"

  • Paste by following the format described above.

  • Click on the "Try It" button.

  • The "RESPONSE" section displays the API call results in JSON format.

This authentication token process is used on most API call testing available via the Hub. API details vary depending on Druva product. Refer to the API Reference page.

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