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Unable to receive inSync user activation and password reset emails
Unable to receive inSync user activation and password reset emails
Updated over a week ago

This article applies to:

  • OS: All supported operating systems

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud/On-Premise

Problem description

Emails regarding inSync user activation and password reset remain undelivered.


Configuration settings can restrict the delivery of email notifications to inSync users.


There is a configuration option that disallows the requirement for an end user to receive an email. When th option is disabled, emails are not generated for activities such as end user welcome and activation as well as password reset.

To either enable or disable the ability to send email messages, go to inSync Management Console > Profiles > Select Profile > Devices > User Settings.


In this instance, if you create a user manually and assign the user a profile that does not have the “Allow users to add devices”, you can see that you get a screen notification that advises about this potential. The message indicates “ Selected profile has end user device activation disabled. Activation email will not be sent to the end user.”

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