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Troubleshooting machine crash after installing inSync client on the machine
Troubleshooting machine crash after installing inSync client on the machine
Updated over a week ago

πŸ“ Note
​This article is applicable for inSync client installed on

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Problem description

Client machine crashes after installation of inSync client. This issue is caused due to a third-party driver or a faulting module. Since the crash is triggered after installation of inSync client, it gives a false impression that the issue is caused due to the installation of inSync client.


When Windows OS crashes, it creates a memory dump inC:\Windows folderwith file extension .dmp by default. This is normally present inC:\Windows\Minidumpfolder.

Use the latest dump fromC:\Windows\Minidumpfolder when you perform the following steps:

  1. Download windows debugging tools and install them. (Reference: )

  2. Open windbg and load the Symbols in windbg

  3. Go to File > Symbol Search Path and enter above URL as shown below:

  4. Load the dump file File > Open Crash Dump > Browse and select dump file.

  5. Wait till the dump file is loaded, it may take a some time.

  6. Click on analyse-v to perform automatic dump analysis.
    The complete analysis of dump displayed in same window as below. Check the name of image file (IMAGE_NAME) in analysis causing the BSOD. This image file is the third-party faulting driver or module.


To resolve the issue caused due to this faulting third-party driver or module, contact the respective third-party vendor.


The affected machine should not crash after installing inSync client and backups must not fail.

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