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inSync fails to back up a locked site
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Not applicable.

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud

Problem description

SharePoint backup fails with the following message in the activity log:

📝 Note

“[ERROR] SharePoint Backup failed for sitecollection 11334, reason: {u'odata.error': {u'message':
{u'lang': u'en-US', u'value': u'Access to this Web site has been blocked.\n\nPlease contact the
administrator to resolve this problem.'}, u'code': u'-2130575247, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException'}}

From Microsoft 365, the activity log can be accessed from Data Sources > Microsoft 365 > SharePoint > Site > Activity Stream.


  • SharePoint site is blocked in Microsoft 365.

  • inSync does not back up locked SharePoint sites.


The resolution requires unlocking the SharePoint sites.

❗ Important

Inform the SharePoint administrators before unlocking the SharePoint sites.

  1. Use Powershell to unlock the SharePoint site. (There is a separate PowerShell module for SharePoint Online.)

  2. Download the SharePoint Online Management shell form its download link.

  3. Launch the SharePoint Online Management shell and run the following command:

    “connect-sposervice -url https://<domain>”
  4. When prompted, enter the global admin credentials for Microsoft 365.

  5. Check whether the following site status command returns the lock state as 'NoAccess'.

    “get-sposite -identity https://<domain><sitename>”
  6. Unlock the site as follows:

    “Set-sposite -identity https://<domain>;<sitename> -lockstate unlock”
  7. Post unlock, initiate a backup of the site.

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