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Recreating a user-linked SaaS App device if it was deleted
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Problem description

When a user account is created in inSync under an inSync profile that has SaaS App Backup enabled for workloads like - Exchange Online, Gmail, Google Drive or OneDrive, the corresponding SaaS App-Device, is created in Druva’s database.

After the creation of the SaaS App Device, if an admin deletes the device, then the user will not have any historical backup snapshots available to restore from as well as new data will not get backed up any further.


Option 1:Recovering the deleted SaaS App Device:

Customers who have purchased the “ Backup Security Posture and Observability license ”, get a feature called - “Rollback Actions”, using which the admins can themselves, recover a deleted device within a period of 7 days from the date of deletion.

Option 2: Recreate the device to allow further backup operations.

  1. Within Druva inSync Admin Console -> click on Profiles

  2. Select the radio button of the profile in which the user currently resides -> then click on “COPY” to create a new, temporary profile.

  1. Ensure that the backup of the required SaaS app is enabled, for which you need to create the SaaS App device of the user in Druva.

  1. Now, go to the Users page -> search for the required user -> click on the checkbox -> then click on ellipses (3 dots above) -> Change Profile -> select the new temporary profile that you had created.

  1. Once the user is moved into the temporary profile, the new profile’s backup configuration for the required SaaS App, will automatically create a new SaaS App Device for the end user.

  2. This way, the future backups can now continue with the newly created SaaS App Device.

  3. You can then move the user back to the original profile if needed.

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