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Google Shared Drive Backup failing with Error : EAUTH
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

Google Shared Drive backup fails with Error : EAUTH


This issue could mainly occur in the below scenario.

  1. If there are Any permission related changes that are made to the Super administrator account used to configure Google Workspace in inSync.


[Error] Authentication failed with error No ORGANIZER/FILE_ORGANIZER found for the authorization of Google Shared Drives 0ANp89shGhkXWUk9PVA

[Error] Error while backing up Share Drive


  1. To resolve the above issue, first do a re-configure using Google Super Admin Account

  2. Once we have done a reconfigure then on Google Admin portal Go to below Location.

    1. On Google Admin Portal, Go to Apps >> Google WorkSpace >> Drive and Docs >> Manage Share Drives

    2. Search for the affected Shared Drive and click on Manage Members as shown below.

    3. Ensure that Global Admin is assigned to the Shared Drive, if not assigned then add it manually

    4. This should help with completing the backups successfully.

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