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Scheduled backups are trigerred during blackout window
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Problem description

Scheduled backups are being triggered during the blackout window defined by inSync administrators in Profiles.


This problem occurs when the inSync administrator and the inSync user are in different time zones. By default, the blackout window settings act according to the user's time zone.

Let's consider this example: The inSync administrator, who is in New York (EST), has defined the blackout window as 8:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M.

Now, for an inSync user who is in Los Angeles (PDT), the blackout window is triggered when it's 8:00 A.M in Los Angeles. That's effectively 11:00 A.M in New York (EST).


If you want the blackout window settings to work according to the administrator's time zone, then you must make the following changes to the profile.

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.

  2. Click the profile name for which you want to synchronize backups according to your (administrator) time zone.

  3. Click the Devices tab, and then click Edit.The Edit Device Backup Configuration window appears.

  4. Click Schedule & Retention.

  5. Under Backup Schedule area, select Use admin time zone.

  6. Click Save

From now onwards, inSync will ignore the user's time zone and trigger the blackout window according to your (the administrator who changed the settings in the inSync profile) time zone.

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