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Users fail to receive password reset and new user emails
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This article applies to inSync Cloud

Problem description

inSync Client users fail to receive notification emails when a cloud administrator creates a new user or resets a user password.


Users fail to receive the emails due to the following causes:

  1. Email address of the recipient or the domain does not exist. If the user's email address has any problem, the ISP sends a bounce notification to Amazon SES.

  2. The email security software does not have a allow list of the following domains. Hence it scans the contents of the emails from and its content scanner marks it as spam.


You can use this resolution to address both the above causes

  1. Ensure that the email address is correct.

  2. Ensure that users are created first within the exchange or email server to make sure their mailboxes are created first.

  3. Verify and ensure that the user is created in inSync with the same email address.

  4. Ensure that the following domains are not blocked:




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