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How to check the size of folders being backed up from the end user’s device
How to check the size of folders being backed up from the end user’s device
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Problem description

In the inSync Admin Console, admins can only view the overall size of a snapshot, but the size of each folder is not visible.

Without accessing any user’s device, admins would like to know what is the size of different folders that are being backed up for the end-users.


  1. Log on to the inSync Admin Console -> under the Dashboard -> list of services -> click on EndPoints

  1. Click on Users -> select the check box of the user or multiple users, for whom you wish to investigate the size of folders being backed up -> click on the ellipses above next to the Restore Data button -> then click on Download Debug Logs

  1. The Backup Logs that were uploaded after the last backup run from the end user’s device, will be available here. You will get a zip file typically named “”, downloaded from here.

  2. Open the Zip File -> navigate into the folder with the corresponding device name -> open the inSync.cfg file with notepad or text editor:

  1. In the CFG file, search for the string: “FOLDER_STATS”

  1. As you see in the above screenshot, you will find the name of the folder and the “data_size” next to it. You can also see the “files_count” in that folder.

  2. This folder size is in bytes. Convert it to KB( divide by 1024 ) or MB( 10,48,576 ) or GB( 1,07,37,41,824 ) and so on, to get the size in units as you need.

📝 Note
The logs are always uploaded from the end user’s device to the inSync cloud. If the device has not connected for a few days for any reason, then the updated logs will not get uploaded to the cloud. Thus, in such a scenario you may get folder stats that might not be up-to-date.

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