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Unable to import users from nested OU in Active Directory
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

  • Users in the active directory are part of nested OUs (an OU within an OU). Sample screenshot of Nested OUs is below:

  • If we create an AD Mapping, pointing to the nested OU; none of the users within that OU show up in the “Import Users” wizard under the AD/LDAP Mapping.

  • If we create an AD Mapping pointing to the entire AD, i.e., at the root (All Users, All OU, All Groups); only then the users will show up in the “Import Users” wizard.


By default, importing users from Nested OU is disabled in our back-end database.


  1. Please reach out to Druva inSync Support by creating a new support ticket from your Druva Support Portal, for further investigation.

📝 Note
Even if Druva Support is able to enable the importing of users from Nested OU, inSync can detect only up to 3 levels of nested OUs as described in the below image:

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