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M365 backups are failing with Authentication error (#100000003)
M365 backups are failing with Authentication error (#100000003)
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Problem description

M365 backups are failing with Authentication error. (#100000003)


The account using which M365 app is configured in inSync does not have all permissions required.



[2022-11-21 23:55:50,824] [ERROR] Error <class 'common.errors.mst_error.MSTeamError'>:Authentication error. (#100000003). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/opt/Druva/active/src/lib/", line 360, in check_token_status


File "/opt/Druva/active/src/lib/", line 155, in authenticate

raise fault

File "/opt/Druva/active/src/lib/", line 151, in authenticate


File "/opt/Druva/active/src/lib/", line 217, in get_team

return self.client.get_retry(url=request_url)

File "/opt/Druva/active/src/common/utils/", line 470, in get_retry

raise error

common.errors.mst_error.MSTeamError: Internal Error!! Response Code: 403 Text:{"error":{"code":"Forbidden","message":"Missing role permissions on the request. API requires one of 'Team.ReadBasic.All, TeamSettings.Read.All, TeamSettings.ReadWrite.All, Group.Read.All, Directory.Read.All, Group.ReadWrite.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All, TeamSettings.Read.Group, TeamSettings.Edit.Group, TeamSettings.ReadWrite.Group'. Roles on the request ''. Resource specific consent grants on the request ''.","innerError":{"date":"2022-11-21T23:55:50","request-id":"71429041-736d-4253-b6f9-b6fd320c3337","client-request-id":"71429041-736d-4253-b6f9-b6fd320c3337"}}} (#100000004)



Reconfigure the M365 app in inSync using the global administrator’s account.

To reconfigure inSync with Microsoft 365:

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click the


icon to access the global navigation panel.

  1. Click SaaS Apps > Microsoft 365.

  2. On the Overview page, click Re-Configure.

  3. On the Re-Configure for Backup page, click


    > Re-Configure besides the app type that you want to reconfigure.


Backup will complete successfully after reconfiguration of the M365 app in inSync.

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