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Error! Missing Profile Permissions
Updated over a week ago


An admin who has access to SFDC 2.0 app is unable to create data template and is receiving the error “Missing Profile Permissions”


  • Go to the settings option under the SFDC 2.0 app. Check the Profile to which the concerned admin is associated.

  • Make sure “Manage Data templates” permissions are enabled in the respective profile role to which the admin is assigned and save the changes.

  • If the “Manage Data templates” permission is disabled the admin accounts associated with this profile setting won't be able to create a data template.

  • Select “Manage Data templates” and save the permission. The admin should be able to access the data templates after refreshing the browser page.

You may check the permission across the following profiles(drop down) options.

1. Administrator


3. Project Manager

4. Tester

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