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Unable to activate device using IMD
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, Mac on the user device

  • Product edition: inSync Client (Cloud)

Problem description

inSync Client activation on the user device fails due to failure in importing users through integrated mass deployment (IMD).


The possible causes and respective solutions are provided below.

Cause:inSync Connector is disconnected (or in NOT CONNECTED state).


Ensure the inSync Connector service is running on the inSync Connector server.

Cause: Requested AD/LDAP Mapping does not exist

The following trace is logged under inSyncClientGUI.log.

[2018-09-21 10:02:30,418] [ERROR] RPC to server failed, fault: Requested AD/LDAP Mapping does not exist. (#10000008a)
[2018-09-21 10:02:30,418] [ERROR] [IMD] Auto-install failed: Requested AD/LDAP Mapping does not exist. (#10000008a)


The possible scenarios causing the above error and their respective solutions are as follows:



AD mapping does not point to the OU or Group where the users reside

Create an AD mapping that includes the required user group or points to the correct OU.

Incorrect IMD token

Generate a new IMD token and update the IMD script with the new token. Subsequently, try to activate the devices manually.

Cause:Issues running the IMD script through the deployment tool.


Perform a trial installation with the IMD script on a test machine.

Cause: The user is not added to inSync.


Perform the following steps before activating the device:

  • Import the user manually from AD through inSync.

  • Ensure the user account has an associated email address in the AD under account properties.

  • Ensure the correct token is used for the inSync account (specific instance only).

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