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Unable to restore packages into Salesforce Org due missing field: activateRSS
Unable to restore packages into Salesforce Org due missing field: activateRSS
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Problem description

When you try to restore packages from Druva backup, the restore job errors out with the following message:

ErrorRequired field is missing: activateRSS.


When deploying between orgs with managed packages installed, you can instruct Salesforce to install a managed package in the target org by including the corresponding InstalledPackage metadata item in the deployment. The summer โ€™18 release added a new required property to the InstalledPackage type, activateRSS.

Moreover, when retrieving from Salesforce this property is always undefined: <activateRSS xsi:nil=โ€trueโ€/>

To deploy this value, it needs to be set to something, but when retrieving, regardless of its value in the source org, it will always be undefined - attempting to deploy this as-is will cause the deployment to fail.

This issue can be worked around by manually editing your metadata and setting the desired value for activateRSS


  1. From your Backup Definition -> Metadata -> select the date range and download the required package locally:

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file -> access the folder which contains the packages

  1. Edit the package that you wish to restore in a text editor: (Note, if there are multiple packages interdependent, then we recommend editing each package separately with similar steps):

  1. Replace the string: <activateRSS xsi:nil="true"/>



Save the file

  1. Zip this file along with the package.xml that you had in the downloaded zip.

  2. Click the Migration tab -> Select the Deploy section

  3. Click the Choose file option.

  4. Check below below options:

Auto Update Package

Single Package

  1. Confirm all of the options for deployment.

  2. Click on the Deploy button when ready.

  3. Confirm the results deploy successfully, if not check the file for any errors.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹Performing the above edits in the XML files within the backup is not possible due to which restoration of such items can only be done via Workbench or other equivalent tool manually.

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