Troubleshoot restore failure with access denied error
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-Premise

Problem description

Restore from inSync Client and inSync Management Console fails with the following error message.

[Error 5] Access is denied

The restore process initially creates a temporary file and then tries to rename it with the name of the file being restored. However, the renaming fails that causes the restore to fail with the

Access is denied

error in the process monitor log.


inSyncClient.log may display the following errors.

[2017-03-01 13:01:58,650] [ERROR] File bb.scr could not be restored. Error: [Error 5] Access is denied. Error details: Traceback (most recent call last): File "inSyncLib\inSyncRestore.pyc", line 323, in restore 
File "inSyncLib\inSyncRestore.pyc", line 685, in write_file 
File "inSyncLib\inSyncRestore.pyc", line 1057, in rename_file 
File "inSyncLib\inSyncUtil.pyc", line 5237, in rename_retry 
WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied 

To know the inSync version-specific log locations for different platforms, see the Server and client log files section.


Restore fails if UAC virtualization is enabled or antivirus exclusions are not added for the inSync Client on the user's device.


  1. Disable UAC virtualization:

    1. Open the Task Manager on the user device.

    2. Right-click inSyncUSyncer process and select UAC Virtualization.

    3. Clear UAC virtualization.

  2. Configure antivirus exclusions as described in the Antivirus recommendations for inSync section.

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