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OneDrive and SharePoint App shows as not configured.
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

The M365 Overview page might show OneDrive and SharePoint as not configured.



Druva has recently segregated the Cloud Apps workloads in 3 parts.

  1. Microsoft 365.

  2. Exchange Online and Public Folder.

  3. OneDrive and SharePoint.


These changes are done to allow Administrators to configure the workloads depending on their environment.

For example: if Admins wants to backup only Exchange Online, Public Folder but not OneDrive, SharePoint, Vice Versa.

However, when Complete Microsoft 365 whole suite is configured the previous workload configuration will show the Last Configuration and cross sign:


If All workloads are configured, you can revoke the previous configuration or reconfigure the same.


Revoking and reconfiguring the M365 Cloud Apps will resolve this issue.

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