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How to resolve ‘EAUTH’ error for Google Shared Drive Backup
How to resolve ‘EAUTH’ error for Google Shared Drive Backup
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

While backing up Google Shared Drives from Google Workspace, you may encounter EAUTH error for Shared Drives showed in the image below:

Error Description

This error occurs when members of the questioned shared drive does not have Content Manager or Manager permissions for the shared drive.

InSync fails to fetch the properties and permissions of the Shared Drive when atleast content manager/Manager permissions are not available to Shared Drive members.


inSync Administrators can view below error messages in Activity Stream logs:

Starting Google Shared Drives Backup for Shared Drives example - Test Drive.

[ERROR] Authentication failed with error No ORGANIZER/FILE_ORGANIZER found for the authorization of Google Shared Drives *******


Add Content Manager or Manager permissions to any 1 of the member user of Shared Drive

📝 Note
Super Administrator account used to configure Google Workspace App need not to be a member of Google Shared Drive to backup the data.

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