Poll notification thread fails to reach the server
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows and Mac

  • Product edition: inSync Client

  • Feature category: Backup

Problem description

The poll notification thread from the inSync Client fails to reach the inSync server.


The notification channel between the inSync server and client has developed a breakage.


2018-02-15 11:14:38,680] [DEBUG] pollnotification thread can't reach server, retrying 
[2018-02-15 11:15:38,681] [INFO] Client Blackout Window Setting- client_blackout_window: False client_bwindow_interval {'start': 0, 'end': 0} 
[2018-02-15 11:15:55,897] [DEBUG] pollnotification thread can't reach server, retrying 


Involve the network team in performing the following checks to resolve this network issue.

  • Check if the antivirus software installed in the environment is blocking the poll notification. Add the required antivirus exclusions as described in the section on Antivirus recommendations for inSync.

  • Verify if there is an idle timeout set on the firewall that disconnects the network connectivity after a certain interval.

  • Compare the network traces of a working and a non-working inSync Client. The trace of the client having this issue will display the keep alive getting terminated.

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