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Reconfigure inSync with Google Workspace
Updated over a week ago


When you reconfigure a cloud application, inSync stops all the ongoing cloud app backups.


To reconfigure Google Workspace:

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click the Global navigation (three horizontal lines) icon access the global navigation panel.

  2. Click Google Workspace. The Google Workspace Overview page appears.

  3. Select Re-Install.

  4. On the popup message that appears, click Yes.

  5. On the Google sign-in page, select the Google super administrator's account.

  6. On the next page that appears, click Allow to allow inSync to access your Google super administrator account and the user details that are associated with your account.


9. On the Google Admin Console, click the App launcher icon and navigate to Druva inSync for Google Workspace icon.Click Druva inSync for Google Workspace icon to launch the app in the inSync Management Console which redirects you back to inSync Management Console.

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