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How to backup shared mailbox
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We will review numerous ways to import the Office 365 shared mailbox in Druva inSync.


You can create a new profile (Shared mailbox profile) with backup for Cloud App - Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) enabled, and OneDrive disabled.

For SCIM Shared mailbox Block sign in: No and IsActive: True


  1. Create manually:

Click on Add new user under the user's page at the inSync admin console.

Create a user manually in Druva inSync with an exact email address as of shared mailbox.

  1. Import users via SCIM.

Add the shared mailbox to the Azure SCIM app.

The shared mailbox should be imported in Druva inSync.

  1. Import users via Azure AD.

The Shared mailbox should be automatically imported once the mapping is created for Azure AD.

You can manually import users from the inSync admin console > Click on users > Import users > Import users from Azure AD > type the email address to auto-populate.

  1. Import via CSV.

You can use import shared mailbox via the CSV option to create users in Druva inSync.

Once you login to inSync admin console > Click on users > Import users > Import users from CSV.

Use the below command to export all shared mailbox via Exchange online PowerShell:

Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails SharedMailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited | Select Identity,PrimarySMTPAddress | Export-Csv Sharemailbox.csv -NoTypeInformation

  1. Import using Druva API

You can leverage Druva APIs to create new users.

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