Warning message is displayed during inSync Client upgrade
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Problem description

When you are upgrading the inSync Client to the latest available version, the following warning message might pop up.



An open handle by a third party application or the Operating System on the inSync processes may cause this issue.


  1. Stop the Druva inSync Client service.
    net stop inSyncCPHService

  2. Stop the inSyncAgent.exe from TaskManager
    TASKKILL.exe /f /im inSyncAgent.exe

  3. Initiate the inSync Client upgrade process.

❗ Important

  • This part can be added to the installation script during deployment if the clients are facing open handles due to the Operating System.

  • For open handles due to security software, add exclusions for inSync Client as per the instructions given in Antivirus recommendations for inSync Client.

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