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SFDC Backup Tasks are found in PENDING state
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

Sometimes the backup jobs under the “TASKS” tab are found in PENDING state for a longer duration.

These backup jobs would eventually resume in some time.


There are 2 possible reasons behind this issue:

  1. Multiple Backup Definitions created for the same source org leading to the backup tasks across two or more definitions overlapping each other.

  2. Salesforce API Limit Breached.


For Backup definitions’ schedules overlapping each other:

  1. Salesforce does not allow more than one connection to the same org from the same source concurrently.

  2. As a best practice, we recommend setting the initial “Start time” during creation of the backup definition such that it does not overlap the backup time of the other definitions.

  3. While this may not guarantee the backup definitions incremental scans not interrupting each other, it will reduce the possibility of two definitions triggering the backup at the same time.

For API Limit Breached:

  1. Salesforce offers you certain API Quota on a daily basis.

  2. When the allotted APIs are exhausted, there is no way of forcing through the backup job.

  3. We recommend setting the API Limit under the Backup Definition -> Edit -> API Limit and set a limit to ensure that the Druva Backup does not consume all the APIs in your org.

❗ Important

When this limit is also breached, the backup will go in PAUSED state and will resume the next day when Salesforce refreshes the daily API quota.

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