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How to perform Clean Uninstallation of inSync client in MAC OS
How to perform Clean Uninstallation of inSync client in MAC OS
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It is usually seen that users tend to just delete/remove the application from “Applications” in MAC ( Druva ) to uninstall it. However, that is not an ethical approach. By doing so, the relevant inSync files ( cfg file, log file, client database files, etc ) remain as it is in below mentioned path and the Keychain details also remain intact ( as per the below screenshot from “Keychain Access” ):

Path: ~/Library/Application Support/inSync


This article would explain how to perform Clean Uninstallation of Druva inSync client so that the application, it’s relevant settings and configurations of existing inSync client gets removed properly without any glitches. ( This could be useful for troubleshooting purposes for performing clean uninstallation of inSync client )


Note: You must have admin rights for making this operation successful

  1. Open up Terminal

  2. Type below command:

📝 Note
sudo /Applications/Druva\\

  1. Once done, Trash will popup asking:

“Do you want to retain inSync settings for future use” i.e.

  1. Hit ‘No’

  2. Once the uninstallation has been done, you will get a popup like the below:

  1. There should be no Druva under Applications and the logs and relevant configurations should be cleared from below path too:

📝 Note
Path ~/Library/Application Support/inSync

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