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Users unable to modify proxy settings on inSync Client
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Problem description

There could be instances where the inSync users who are working in a remote location/different business units are not able to activate the inSync Client on their devices when inSync attempts to connect to the inSync Master. In such scenarios, inSync must be allowed to connect to the inSync Master through a proxy server.


This is because the inSync users do not have sufficient permissions to modify the proxy settings. inSync users can modify the proxy settings on the inSync Client interface only if the inSync administrator has provided the required permission to modify proxy settings.

❗ Important

As an inSync administrator, you can allow the users to configure the proxy settings through inSync profiles. You cannot do this on an individual user level. To learn more, see Create a Profile.

Upon providing the required permissions to the associated inSync profile, inSync users can then configure the proxy settings.
To learn more, see Configure proxy settings during inSync Client activation.


To allow users to configure proxy settings

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.

  2. Click the profile for which you want to allow users to configure proxy settings.

  3. Click the Devices tab > User Settings, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.

  4. Select the Edit proxy settings check box.

  5. Click Save.

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