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Troubleshooting files missed during backup
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Certain files are missing in the snapshot after backup. In some cases the number of missed files is listed on the Restore screen.


inSync tries to synchronize all the files in the folders configured for backup. But, there could be files missing due to various reasons like wrongly configured file filters, file permissions, files being open and so on.


If you find files missing in the back up, check the following:

Include and Exclude Filters

inSync backs up only those files which are selected by the user in theIncludefilter of the inSync client GUI. This filter may have been set to exclude the type of files missing from the backup.

The administrator can also setIncludeandExcludefilters on the server in the user's profile. These filters take precedence over the user's filters. Check theIncludefilter set in user's profile. If you want to backup all the files, please selectAll filesoption.

📝 Note
The files missed because of an inappropriate filter do not show up in backup status asMissed Files.


Change the filter as required to include files which are being skipped from backup.

File / Folder Permissions

While backing up, the inSync client accesses the folders and files configured for backup using the credentials of the logged in user. Files for which the user does not have sufficient permissions are omitted during backup and leave an entry in the user's logs as shown below:

[2009-01-16 09:05:26,289] [WARNING] Unable to access \\?\C:\Users\druvaa\AppData\Local\Application Data\, skipping. Error: [Error 13]


Give appropriate permissions to the files being omitted.

Open Files

inSync uses Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to backup open files.


If you have trouble backing up open files, please check if the following services are up and running:

a) Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service

b) MS Software Shadow Copy Provider

See the VSS Troubleshooting article for details on how to fix this problem.

Temporary Files

If some temporary files /folder are part of the Include filter for backup, you see the following error in the logs:

Error syncing: druvaa:inSync/druvaa.tmap: ['Traceback ..., 'SyncError: (0x100000017L, """Failed to read local file.""")\n']

These files are created and deleted when the backup is in progress and hence generate an error.


You can safely ignore this message.

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