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Multiple alert emails after file restore
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-Premise

Problem description

inSync sends multiple emails after performing a restore of a particular file and/or for a specific user.


This issue occurs when a user selects all the files within a folder individually, instead of selecting the parent folder and initiate a restore.

For example, if a folder A has 10 files and the user does a select all and initiates a restore, instead of selecting the folder A to restore.

In this scenario, inSync treats each file as a separate restore and hence sends an email notification for every file. Hence in case of the above example, inSync will send 10 notification emails. Instead if the parent folder is restored, only one notification is sent.


These log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on the environment.

2018-10-01 06:22:05,467] [INFO] Starting restore estimate for path:["/Sun Sep 30 16:05:52 2018/##{{Desktop}}/Access Leevel","/Sun Sep 30 16:05:52 2018/##{{Desktop}}/username","/Sun Sep 30 16:05:52 2018/##{{Desktop}}/ClientInstaller","/Sun Sep 30 16:05:52 2018/##{{Desktop}}/Desktop",


  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console and click the Alerts icon on the menubar.

  2. Open the Setting and Subscriptions tab. The list of inSync alerts is displayed on the tab.

  3. Select the alert type for which you want to change settings, and then click Edit. The Alert Settings window appears.

  4. Remove the email ID from the subscription list. The deleted email ID will not receive email notifications for the selected alert.

  5. To stop the user from receiving any user alerts, clear the Notify User checkbox.

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