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Troubleshooting - Enterprise Workloads
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App aware backup completes successfully with the error The guest operations agent is out of date
App aware backup completes successfully with Credentials are not assigned to Guest VM error
Analytics page errors out or shows blank
"Server already registered" error while activating file server agent
App aware backup completes successfully with VM State: poweredOff error
App aware backup completes successfully with VM Tools status: toolsNotRunning error
Activation of Phoenix workload gives Resource not found : tokenID (Error Code : PHOENIX127)
App aware backup completes with could not create directory error
App aware T-Log backup fails with Exit code VMware21
App aware backups complete with required field username not provided (not @optional) error
App aware backup completes with failed to establish new connection error
App aware T-Log backup fails with the VMware27 error
App-aware backup completes with “Failed to add SQL writer entry” error.
App aware T-Log backup job fails with exit code VMware24
App-aware backup completes with “Failed to check writer services” error
App-Aware backup failed with Windows error: [Error2]The system cannot find the file specified
Assuming drive cache error while opening the backup proxy
Application-aware backup completes successfully with error- Network Adapter is not up on VM
Avoid timestamp mismatch for backup job and snapshot
AWS Proxy deployment fails due to AWS Availability Zone limitation
Backup and restore from CloudCache server fails
Backup and restore from Windows CloudCache fails with - An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions
Backup and restores do not proceed with the VSS
Backup fails due to virtual memory exhaustion
Backup fails with Phoenix encountered incorrect folderpath error
Backup completes with successful with error but the logs show the PHOENIX23 error
Backup fails with an error message “ERROR at line 1:\nORA-01034: ORACLE not available\nProcess ID: 0\nSession ID: 0”
Backup job stuck at 0 percent due to Delayed write failed or Disk is full
Backup proxy activation fails with the PHOENIX232 error
Backup Proxy activation fails while fetching the UUID
Backups on Standby DB failing with ERROR ORACLE DTC 21
Cloud Cache fails to connect to Phoenix cloud with the error - DLL Load Failed
Cleaning up unnecessary space on PBS/CloudCache
CloudCache auto-upgrade fails when triggered from admin console
CloudCache installation ends prematurely
Commands to control services on UNIX clients
CloudCache warning - Server fails to connect to CloudCache to back up or restore
Data scan reported in Phoenix console is more than the size of the folder on the disk
Differential database backup of AG database gets converted to full backup
Database discovery fails on SQL server and server doesn’t get registered under “All SQL Resources” in the Phoenix console
VMware backup fails with 503 Service Unavailable and error Internal 65535
DR failover failed with error code AWS DR255
DR Failback- unknown user name or bad password
DR job fails due to low disk space on the drive
DR restore fails due to memory full
DR restore fails with INTERNAL65535 error
DR restore job fails for Encrypted volumes
DRaaS deployment with CloudFormation fails with a Create Failed error
DRaaS failover to AWS fails with Error: Instance type is invalid for conversion
DraaS failover checks fails with error "Incorrect instance type"
DRaaS restore of Domain Controller Virtual Machine fails with AWS_DR24 error
DRaaS v1.0 does not retain network file for Linux Server
Druva Phoenix Oracle PBS shows disconnected on the Phoenix console after the reboot
Error 1935 during Phoenix Agent installation
Encrypted VM backup shows the Invalid configuration for device error on VMWare backup proxy
Error while creating a custom role
Error while creating backup set using a content rule that is attached to another backup set on the same server
Error while activating Phoenix on a Linux server
Event ID - 12289 during backup due to floppy drive
Fail to activate a Linux file server error Invalid argument error : Invalid timezone (#10000007f) (Error Code : PHOENIX127
Failed to Power on Linux Cloudcache and Backup proxy VM
Failed to refresh VM list while deleting VMs and vhost
Failed to register Windows File Server agent on Phoenix Cloud after providing activation code
File restore completes successfully but the destination folder is empty
File Level Restore (FLR) fails on VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) with error failed to establish a new connection
File Server/NAS backup completes with status: Successful with errors
File Server Backup fails with INTERNAL65535
File server backup fails with Backup Window Expired
File server backup fails with error PHOENIX80
File server backup fails with exit code Phoenix 322 Error message: ”Database disk is malformed.”
File server backups completing with errors - PhoenixFSSnapshot executable timed out
File server restore from cold recovery points fails
File Server backups from Linux server fail with Phoenix322 error
File Server shows in disconnected state on UI
File Server/Hyper-V/SQL server backup fails with PHOENIX189
File Server agent installation failed on the OpenSUSE Linux
Full VM or disk restore to alternate location fails with error - The virtual machine version is not compatible with the version of the host.
Full VM Restore failing with an error “Logon failure: The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer. (0x80070569)”
How to back up Microsoft Windows 2003 server OS via SMB with Druva Phoenix
Hyper – V VM backup fails with HYPERV1 Error
How to Re-Configure web-proxy for Linux Cloudcache server
How to run a manual backup for a File server backupset
Hyper-V backup fails with error 'Operation timedout of gathering writer metadata'
Hyper-V Backup fails with Disk Merge error HYPERV23
Hyper-V backups fail with the HYPERV28 error because the backup includes both CSV and non-CSV volumes
Hyper-V backups fail with PHOENIX54 error
Hyper-V FLR Proxy showing disconnected after live migration from one host to another
Hyper-V VM backup fails with HYPERV3 error
Hyper-V file level restore error- Failed to fetch file list- Internal Error
Internal Error while updating the Oracle home location in database parameter in Oracle DTC
Kernel panic error on the backup proxy
Installation/Upgrade of Hybrid workload agent prompts for reboot
Linux Cloud Cache is showing as ‘Disconnected’ in the Phoenix Console
Linux NAS backup fails with error Phoenix 370
Login fails with SSO after timeout from Druva console with ADFS as IdP
Login to backup proxy failed with ‘Authentication token manipulation error’
Manually test VSS Shadow Copy Creation Using the Diskshadow Utility in Windows
MS SQL VM Servers not visible in Phoenix Console
NAS backup fails with Authorization Error for Dell Isilon NAS Device
NAS backup fails with the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect error
Not able to select the host while restore of the VM to an alternate location
Non-synced data resides on Phoenix CloudCache
NAS Backup failed after changing the credentials for NAS device
Nutanix Backup Proxy deployment failure with error “"Error occurred while reading cluster credentials”
Nutanix Full VM Restore and VM disk Restore fail with the Error: AHV 200
Nutanix VM Backup fails with Error AHV100
Nutanix VM backup fails with error AHV48 “Nutanix AHV API service not available”
Oracle backup or restore fails to find an available port to start IOServer
Oracle DTC backup fails with INTERNAL65535
Oracle DTC Backup failed for RAC database with ORACLE DTC5
Oracle DTC archive log backup fails with ORACLE DTC5
Oracle DTC Database discovery failure alerts received after Oracle server upgrade
New authentication changes for Oracle DTC with new agent version
Oracle PBS does not show the ZFS pool mounted
Oracle incremental data file backup fails with the "RMAN Backup has failed. Please check RMAN logs for more details" error
Oracle PBS backup failing with error ORACLE31
Oracle Phoenix Store activation fails with the error: Phoenix1
Phoenix Agent installation fails due to an error during the installation of assembly policy
Oracle Phoenix Backup Store backup job is in the queued state or stuck in running state
Phoenix Agent activation fails with Phoenix1 - global name SyncLog is not defined
Phoenix agent installation fails with an error while applying security settings
Phoenix Agent setup does not start or launch on Windows servers
Phoenix Agent Service fails to start with error “specified service has been marked for deletion”
Phoenix agent installation error: Another installation is in progress
Phoenix Backup Store OS throws the nfsd:blocked for more than 120 seconds error
Phoenix file server backups fail due to VM clones
Phoenix backup fails with PHOENIX54 error
Phoenix backup fails with the 'PHOENIX158 error: Backup window expired' after content rule was modified
Phoenix Windows Server activation fails with the error - Druva Phoenix Client service is not running
Phoenix VMware backup fails on a VM with event id 1000 for VMware Tools
Playbook - How to Collect logs and troubleshoot Oracle PBS and Oracle DTC issues
Possible Causes for Hyper-V FLR restore issues
Possible causes for Phoenix backups failing with the backup window expired error
Possible causes for Phoenix backups failing to Linux CloudCache
Possible causes for slow VMware FLR(File Level Restore)
Possible causes of Cloud Cache Decommissioning process gets stuck
Possible Causes of Proxy Deployment failure
Possible causes for Phoenix backups failing to Windows CloudCache
Registration of vCenter backup proxy fails with PHOENIX127
Recover a ransomeware-affected server using Phoenix
restore failure due to incompatible machine version on the host
Restore completes with errors without recovering a single file
Restore of a file server fails with PHOENIX304
RMAN backups fails with an error 0RA-19870 AND 0RA-19625
Rename Hyper-V host with a different name
Runtime Error while running Scanner CLI utility
Restore of a VMware virtual machine fails with error VMWARE VMOMI65535
Restoring a Hyper-V Full VM to a different host fails
Server backups stuck in queue state
Scenarios when the performance of an incremental VM backup is impacted and the job fails with the Backup Window Expired error.
Share backups on Linux NAS proxy fail with error PHOENIX265
Shortcut access to Phoenix agent fails
Slight difference in the storage consumed value on the analytics page and storage page
Snapshot of VM failed
socket error while create_connection with Error 10060
Some rights are disabled on the create role page
Some VMs missing from the list on All Virtual Machines tab
SQL App aware backup completes successfully with the error VM credential is invalid
SQL backup fails with error VSS65535
SQL backup failed for only one database with INTERNAL 65535 error
SQL backup failed: Vss Error: Operation timedout of gathering writer metadata
SQL Backup fails with SQL3
SQL backup fails with VSS10 error
SQL backups fail with snapshot error PHOENIX54
SQL differential backup runs as full due to backup start time mismatch
SQL backup hangs and fails with Backup Window Expired
SQL backups fail with the error PHOENIX185
SQL discovery fails with ODBC SQL server errors
SQL differential backup runs as full due to shrinking database size
SQL Log backup fails with a database corruption error
SQL log backup completes with “Successful with errors”
SQL Log backup fails with error “INTERNAL 65535” with an entry in detailed logs 'No last log commit information available'
SQL Log backup fails with error “last backup LSN from the primary database is greater than the current local redo LSN”
SQL Log backup fails with the error SQL8: Database is already open and can only have one user at a time
SQL log backups fail with error SQL8
SQL restores fail with the VSS1 error
SQL server backup fails with SQL 6 error
SQL log chain broken issue when the same VM is backed up using VMware/HyperV policy on Druva
SQL TLOG backup failure with exit code SQL8 for Windows 2008 R2 SP2 server
The activation of the VMware Backup proxy fails with the error message "reason = 'unexpected error reading property'".
SQL Transaction Log backup succeeds with errors
SQS is unreachable phase-1 has failed
The ESXi or VM hangs during VMware backup
The size of the Snapshot on the Storage after a Linux File Server Backup is multiple times (more than 10x) bigger than the original Linux File Server
The SQL Resource Name will display first 15 characters if the SQL server hostname contains more than 15 characters
Troubleshoot Error registering Phoenix Server
Troubleshoot the error while deploying backup proxy
Troubleshoot error while editing backup sets
Troubleshoot Oracle configuration issues
Troubleshoot volume mounting error
Troubleshooting backup issue on Phoenix Cloud for VMware server
Troubleshooting "Server already registered" error while activating file agent
Troubleshooting issues with Phoenix CloudCache
Troubleshooting Error 1450 ReadFile', 'Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. (#100000017)
Troubleshooting Spectre and Meltdown
Troubleshooting SQL backup failure with VSS
Troubleshooting the alert CloudCache unable to read write on Volume
Unable Power on the Druva Phoenix Backup Proxy
Unable to browse Files/Folder for FLR (File-level restore) for Hyper- V Restore
Unable to boot a P2V VM after a successful restore
Unable to add a NAS device - Credentials invalid
Unable to discover Hyper-V VMs on Phoenix Management Console for Hyper-V host with non-English language
Unable to create new Administrator
Unable to discovery Hyper-V VMs due to English package not installed
Unable to discover the SQL Database
Unable to login via SSO
Unable to ping or RDP to the EC2 instance after a DR failover
Unable to power on backup proxy
Unable to update NAS Share credentials from Phoenix Management Console
Virtual machine refresh fails with the 'Failed to refresh vm list while deleting vms and vhost' error
User databases gets skipped during SQL Appaware backup
VM backup fails with 'Failed to find VM with UUID' error
vCenter registration using desktop client fails
VM backup fails with error VMWARE VMOMI65535
VM backup fails with the error code VMOMI1 on a virtual machine running on Windows Server 2019
VM backup fails with INTERNAL65535
VM backup fails with the VMWARE VDDK65535 error (memory allocation error)
VM backup failure due to insufficient space in the datastore
VM backup fails with the VMWARE VDDK65535 error
VM backup fails with VMWARE_VDDK65535 error after ESXi or vCenter certificate update
VM backup job completes successfully but generates Event IDs 50, 57, 137, 140, or 12289 (2006849) on Windows virtual machine
VM backup fails with the INTERNAL65535 error - AttributeError NoneType object has no attribute product
VM backup stalled with the error "got exception while parsing LCN and size from ntfscluster command” after a successful snapshot
VM backups fail with error code VMWARE_VDDK1
VM backups fails with Invalid VCenter/ESXi host credentials
VM backups fail in a Hyper-V Cluster configuration
VM becomes unresponsive during a snapshot removal
VM jobs get queued due to disconnected Backup Proxy status on Phoenix Console
VM not visible in Phoenix console due to missing UUID
VM Loses Connection During Snapshot Removal
VM vCenter proxy host deployment fails
VM Restore to original location fails with Failed to find VM with UUID error
VMWARE Appaware VM backup fails with error as unable to find IP Address of VM Object
VMware app aware backups of SQL databases complete successfully with errors
VMware app-aware backup process completes with a status of "Successful with Errors".
VMware backup fails if auto-enabled CBT is selected for a VM with incompatible hardware
VMware backup fails with error: VMWARE VMOMI65535-Unable to communicate with the remote host
VMware backup fails with Failed to extract and set OS attributes collection from Prerequisites or VMX data
VMware backup fails with message “Failed to extract and set OS attributes collection from Prerequisites or VMX data”
VMware backup fails with the 'Backup Window Expired' error when the transport mode is changed from HotAdd
VMware backup fails with "The method is disabled by 'com.vmware.vcDr'" error
VMware backup for all VMs fails with 'Backup Window Expired' error
VMware backup proxy activation fails because of special characters in the hostname
VMware backup fails with the VMWARE VMOMI65535 error: File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore
VMware backup proxy activation fails when the backup proxy resides in vApp
VMware Backup Proxy gives the permission missing errors when we try to activate it using the ProxyConf command in the VMC environment.
VMware backup proxy not visible on Druva console
VMware Backup Proxy OVF deployment fails
VMware backup proxy not visible with the Unable to set vCenter credentials error
VMware backup proxy not visible or the status is disconnected on Phoenix console
VMware backups fail with error VMWARE VDDK1 and VMware logs show 'Failed to connect to peer'. Error: The remote host certificate has these problems.
VMware backups fails for Windows 2008 R2 with winerror 1168
Vmware backups do not run as per the set timezone
VMware backups fail with NFC errors
VMware backups fail with VMWARE VMOMI1 error and VSS error 8193
VMware backups fails with error code PHOENIX127
VMware backups fail with VMWARE VMOMI65535 - A general system error occurred
VMware backups in Phoenix fail with Error in reading data from the Disk
VMware backups to CloudCache fail with PHOENIX82 error
VMware Backups fails with error VMWARE VMOMI1
VMware backups stay in the queued state with IO error Error 28 no space left on device
VMware file-level restore fails with the error - Failed to browse the guest VM
VMware FLR does not retain modified date to the restored folders
VMware disk restore fails with Internal Error (Error Code : VMWARE VMOMI65535)
VMware FLR browse fails to mount volumes
VMware proxy upgrade fails from the Phoenix console
VMWare FLR Restore getting browse time out
VMware VM Restore fails with Error VMWARE VDDK1
Vmware Proxy Deployer fails to deploy proxy with Failed to call the OVA URL
VMware SQL Application-Aware transaction log backup reports a canceled status
VMware VM backups fails with Phoenix 1 Internal Error
VMware: VM is not getting detected in the Phoenix console
While performing VMware File Level Restore (FLR),files are getting skipped with info: “Skipping symbolic link” for NTFS De-Dedupe Volume
Windows File server backup stays in Queued where Pre-scripts are added in the policy
While Upgrading, Uninstalling, Installing Druva Phoenix Agent on a Windows Server we get error “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable”
Discovery of RAC database for Oracle DTC workload is not working
File server backup fails with the Unable to query USN Journal error
Unable to create an organization administrator
Troubleshooting SQL T-Log backup failure with exit code Phoenix 318
First backup after configuration of the file server fails with Backup Window Expired
VMWARE: UDA Scan failed
SQL Restore to alternate SQL Instance fails with VSS 1
VM backups failing with INTERNAL65535 due to issues with nvram entry in the vmx
VM backups failing with INTERNAL65535 due to ESX host is not licensed
VMware VM backups do not run as per the set timezone
VMware backups fail with VMWARE VMOMI1 error and VSS error 12289