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DR job fails due to low disk space on the drive
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  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

The disaster recovery (DR) job fails with an AWS_DR24 error.


The free disk space on the root drive has reduced to less than 250 MB.


[2018-10-17 02:19:01,797] [INFO] CloudDRAgent: Import image task id [import-ami-0ff89ecd8ae9517b1], status [deleting] message [ClientError: Unsupported: Not enough free disk space to proceed with import. There must be at least 250MB free.]
[2018-10-17 02:19:01,798] [ERROR] CloudDRAgent: Import image failed task id [import-ami-0ff89ecd8ae9517b1], progress [0]
[2018-10-17 02:19:01,798] [ERROR] Error :VM is not valid to create AMI (#100080018). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
File "agents/clouddragent/", line 1449, in _get_import_image_state
SyncError: VM is not valid to create AMI (#100080018)


Perform housekeeping of the disk or add more disk space to the drive.


Trigger a VM backup first and then trigger the AMI update to get a successful DR job.

💡 Tip

Amazon also recommends that the virtual hard disk must contain at least 250 MB of free space. The reason for this is that Amazon injects drivers and possibly other software into the virtual hard disks, so the virtual hard disks need to have enough free space to accommodate these components.

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