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Backup failing with the error ORACLE not available
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

After upgrading Oracle from 12c to 19c backup is failing with the error code Oracle DTC18.
Error message:

Failed to get DBID and Archive log mode.


Oracle home directory has changed


log_modeFROMgv$database="unsupported value type"
level=error ts=2022-06-14T10:17:30.171669684Z filename=backup.go:2232 message="Failed to get DBID and Archive log mode."
level=error ts=2022-06-14T10:15:29.361743432Z filename=discovery.go:709 message="Failed to validate Database credentials" Layer=EventHandler
Connected to an idle instance.
ERROR at line 1:\nORA-01034: ORACLE not available\


  • Check home path on the Oracle server by running the following command:

    echo $ORACLE_HOME
  • Update the new home path on the Phoenix console under Database Parameters

  • Stop the Phoenix Oracle service using the command:

    service PhoenixOracle stop
  • Start the Phoenix Oracle service using the command:

    service PhoenixOracle start
  • Refresh the GUI to verify if it appears in connected state

  • If the issue persist, other possible causes are the following:

    • Check if Database credentials were changed during the upgrade

    • Verify SID by running the command:

      echo $ORACLE_SID
    • Make sure archive log mode is enabled on the database server

      • Connect to the database & run the following command:

        SQL> archive log list
      • Database log mode should be: Archival Mode

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