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Oracle DTC Backup failed for RAC database with ORACLE DTC5
Oracle DTC Backup failed for RAC database with ORACLE DTC5
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

Oracle DTC backup failed with the ORACLE_DTC5. However, the test connection was a success from the Druva console.


Oracle authentication is unable to discover the oracle database due to incorrect profile configuration for RAC databases and Phoenix service generates OS user warning


level=info ts=2022-11-21T23:30:38.464600587+01:00 filename=discovery.go:516 message="Starting Discovery of Oracle Databases"
level=info ts=2022-11-21T23:30:38.464610151+01:00 filename=shallowdiscovery.go:27 message="START of SHALLOW Discovery..."
level=error ts=2022-11-21T23:30:38.467286867+01:00 filename=instance.go:587 message="os.Stat(): error for file" Layer=OracleApi Bin=/u01/app/oracle/product/EmineoAgent13c/agent_13.
level=warn ts=2022-11-21T23:30:38.467398986+01:00 filename=instance.go:252 message="Unable to get OSUser." Layer=OracleApi
level=warn ts=2022-11-21T23:30:38.476287457+01:00 filename=instance.go:234 message="ORACLE_SID is invalid." Layer=OracleApi OracleSID=


First, verify the oracle profile configuration used for oracle authentication by login in to the oracle server using the same account and check if you are able to login using Sqlplus(sqlplus / as sysdba/sysbackup) and check the database instance status and mode

select instance_name,status from v$instance;
archive log list;
Also verify RMAN configuration by type (rman TARGET / )
Show all;

Note: compare this configuration with the OS authentication user which is Oracle by default


Switch the authentication from Oracle to OS from Druva console:

  • Click on “Test Connection” to verify the connection is successful.

  • Trigger the backup again.

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