Backup fails due to virtual memory exhaustion
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  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

Phoenix File server or SQL database backup is getting failed with an INTERNAL65535 error. In logs traces, it shows memory exception error. Then look for the event id:2004 for Microsoft Windows Resource exhaustion detector in the event logs.

The file server or SQL database backup fails with an INTERNAL65535 error. The logs show a memory exception error arising from Microsoft Windows resource exhaustion detector.


The issue occurs when the Windows server is diagnosed with a low virtual memory.


< [2018-10-26 12:37:54,877] [ERROR] Exception: . 
[2018-10-26 12:37:54,877] [ERROR] Error <type 'exceptions.MemoryError'>:. Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "", line 225, in _process_request 
File "roboSyncer.pyc", line 950, in read 
File "roboSyncer.pyc", line 965, in readfile 
System Event Logs 
Log Name: System 
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Resource-Exhaustion-Detector 
Date: 26-10-2018 23:10:22 
Event ID: 2004 
Task Category: Resource Exhaustion Diagnosis Events 
Level: Warning 
Keywords: Events related to exhaustion of system commit limit (virtual memory). 
Computer: <servername> 
Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: sqlservr.exe (1864) consumed 42609135616 bytes, svchost.exe (2112) consumed 2080235520 bytes, and ccSvcHst.exe (4664) consumed 1545547776 bytes. 


  1. From the event log, note the services that consume the maximum virtual memory and then perform the housekeeping of the virtual memory.

  2. If the first step fails, increase the virtual memory.

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