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VM vCenter proxy host deployment fails
Updated over a week ago

This article applies to:

  • OS: CentOS 7.3 and later

  • Product edition: All versions of VMware Backup proxy

  • vCenter version: 6.5

Problem description

The following error message is displayed in the event task when the vCenter proxy is deployment on the vCenter 6.5 fails.
Invalid value false specified for property 2_1_Enable.



The issue occurs when vSphere Client URL is used for the deployment instead of the vSphere Web Client URL ( https://FQDN-or-IP-Address-of-VC/UI ).

VMware UI implementation:

The vSphere Web Client (Flash/Flex client) will be the client to manage vCenter Server 6.5 environment with all the features and plugins. In this release, VMware has made significant performance improvements and some user experience improvements to make this client much more functional. VMware has been transitioning away from the Legacy C# Client for the last several releases. In recent updates made to vSphere 6.0, VMware has continued moving functionality into the vSphere Web Client (such as Update Manager) which has further removed the need to run the Legacy C# client at all. In this release we are also releasing an HTML5 version of the vSphere Web Client and we are naming this the vSphere Client. This client will have a subset of features available in vSphere Web Client.

Source: VMware article


Deploy the backup proxy OVA template on the vCenter using the link below.

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