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DRaaS failover to AWS failed with error DR4103
Updated over a week ago


Windows Server VM hosted on VMware failed to perform DRaaS failover to AWS with error DR4103


The backup agent during failover process tries to take a console snapshot. Which fails with error: Image could be undeployable.

This usually happens if the value for the registry key of the source VM is set to “Image_State_Undeployable” at below registry path\reg-key :


The image state value should be IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE


The Image State is IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE. Image could be undeployable.',


[2022-06-14 06:19:31,304] [INFO] [140637630363392] [Conversion] [conversion_id=1544_27435_1229996][phase=1][message_id=1020000] Received message
[2022-06-14 06:19:31,304] [INFO] [140637630363392] [Conversion] [conversion=1544_27435_1229996][phase=1][message_id=1020000] processing message = {u'boot_info_present': False,
 u'conversion_id': u'1544_27435_1229996',
 u'current_step': None,
 u'description': None,
 u'error_code': 6027,
 u'error_details': {},
 u'error_msg': u'6027: : The Image State is IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE. Image could be undeployable.',
 u'message_id': 1020000,
 u'msg': None,
 u'phase': 1,
 u'retry_needed': False,
 u'rm_tw_version': u'11.241.815',
 u'status': u'failed',
 u'step_list': None,
 u'timestamp': 1655187511,
 u'total_steps': None,
 u'type': u'progress-info'}


  1. Login to the source VM and change this registry key to IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE.

KEY: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\State
  1. After making the change, reboot the VM.

  2. Once rebooted, run a full backup and create a DR copy.

  3. Run the DR failover.

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