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DraaS failover checks fails with error "Incorrect instance type"
DraaS failover checks fails with error "Incorrect instance type"
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Problem description

This article helps us when there is an error message encountered “Incorrect instance type” when we run Failover Checks - Environment


The failover check fails when the instance type that has been selected in the DR plan is not compatible with the VM.



  1. Click on the number(as depicted in below snippet), that will redirect us to the problematic VM

  1. Now click on the error, where it shows “Incorrect Instance Type”

  1. Once you click on “Incorrect Instance Type” it's a hyperlink that will redirect you to change failover settings for that VM.

  1. Once you click on the Change failover setting option, it will show you the options to change the instance type , so here please click on “Auto Assign”check box for both Production and test failover settings, so that Phoenix automatically identifies the instance type and then finally click on save button to save the changes.


To verify if the issue is resolved or not, try to rerun the failover checks by clicking Rerun Check and it should show All failover checks are successful as shown below.

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