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Rename Hyper-V host with a different name
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Problem description

To rename Hyper-V host with a different name other than hostname.


Step 1: Download the Phoenix agent and generate the activation token

  1. Log in to the Management Console.

  2. In the menu bar, select the organization under which the Hyper-V host is registered.

  3. Click Protect > Hyper-V. The Hyper-V page appears.

  4. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts.On the Hosts page select the host that you want to re-register.

  5. Click more options and then click Re-register. The Re-Register Hyper-V Server wizard appears.

  6. Click Proceed on the introduction screen of the wizard.

  7. In the Install Hyper-V Agent section, do one of the following:

    1. If you have not yet downloaded the Phoenix agent installer, click Download.

    2. If you have downloaded the Phoenix agent, click Next.

  8. Under the ActivationToken section, click CopyToken icon and save the activation token in a text file.

  9. Click Done.

Step 2: Activate Phoenix Agent on the Hyper-V host

  1. Open the command-line prompt with Admin privilege, and change the directory to the agent installation directory.
    For example, Phoenix agent is installed on C:\Program Files\Druva\Phoenix Agent.

  2. To change the directory in CLI, run: cd “C:\Program Files\Druva\Phoenix Agent”.

  3. After changing the directory, run the following commands to activate the agent:
    PhoenixHyperVControl.exe activate <activation_token> --type <scvmm/cluster/standalone> --scvmm_fqdn <scvmm FQDN> --user <scvmm/cluster username> --password <scvmm/cluster password> -d <different_name>

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