Possible Causes for Hyper-V FLR restore issues
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Problem description

While performing FLR restore, the loader spins and times out.


  • Log Volume for Phoenix is full.

  • You cannot perform FLR from a VM backup which has User Snapshot.

  • Extensions installed in the browser.


Solution 1:

  1. We can run the following command to check space on Hyper- V FLR Proxy.

     Command: df -h 

    NOTE: df -h is the command to check the size of the volumes

  2. Determine the size of the following directory.

     Command:du -sh /var/log/Phoenix
        Path: /var/log/Phoenix/HYPERV/ 

    This gives us the exact size of the directories under the backup directory

  3. Examine and remove any logs that are no longer needed to clear up space. Use the following command to delete directories that are not required:

    rm -rf “log directory name” without quotes
        Eg: rm -rf /var/log/Phoenix/HYPERV/browse
  4. After deleting unwanted files restart Phoenix Service by running below command,

     Command: /etc/init.d/Phoenix restart
  5. Additionally, check if logging is enabled on the Backup proxy which can cause the log volume to get full.
    To check if logging is enabled or disabled, please follow the below Article,

Solution 2:

Delete the user snapshots and backup the virtual machine to use file level restore. However Full VM & disk restores would not be affected by it.

Cannot perform a file-level restore from a virtual machine backup

Solution 3:

  • Disable the extensions from the browser and try the FLR.
    Eg: Passphrase

  • Try using a different browser.

Solution 4:

  • Reach out to Druva Support with following logs

    Path: /var/log/Phoenix/HYPERV/browse

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