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How to run a manual backup for a File server backupset
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  • After you configure your servers, Druva performs a backup of your servers according to the backup policy that you set at the time of configuration.

  • In addition to the scheduled backups, you can start a backup at any time. This article helps us to understand the procedure of how to run a manual backup for a File server backupset from the Druva console.

Procedure title

  1. Log in to the Hybrid Workloads Management Console.

  2. On the menu bar, click All Organizations, and select the required organization from the drop-down list.

  3. On the menu bar, click Protect > File Servers.

  4. In the Registered Servers page, under the Server Name column, click the server name.

  5. In the server details page, under the Configured Backup Sets section, select the backup set and then click Backup Now on the top right corner of the console.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹The first Backup Now will always trigger a full backup for the File server. The subsequent Backup Now requests will trigger an incremental backup.

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