CDEBUG to capture stack trace for Phoenix Agent Processes
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows

  • Product edition: Phoenix Agent on Windows (Phoenix Cloud)


This article provides the steps to capture the stack trace dump of Phoenix Agent processes on Windows platform.

CDEBUG functionality is available after client version 4.7.6-47047.

Capture stack trace dump

To capture a stack trace dump for all active threads of a process during a backup, restore, or an upload in Phoenix, create a C:\ProgramData\Phoenix\CDEBUG directory on the server.

A new trace_file is created every 5 minutes.

For example: <service_name>_<bkpset_id>_<request_id>_<thread_id>_<date>-<time>_StackTrace.txt

The trace file is created under C:\ProgramData\Phoenix\CDEBUG only for Phoenix partner processes.

❗ Important

After troubleshooting the issue, delete the CDEBUG directory to avoid new dumps of files every 5 minutes and expansion of the folder size.

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