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Hyper – V VM backup fails with HYPERV1 Error
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Problem description

Hyper – V VM backup fails with Error: Failed to connect to Hyper-V Management Service


Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service (VMMS) is not running.


2022-07-29 19:25:18,926] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> SyncError: VM not found for uuid = 15564A05-B161-4BFF-9074-47856B2B2472
[2022-07-29 19:25:18,926] [INFO] <_MainThread(MainThread)> roboSyncer: Sending log to Phoenix server with message : 'VM not found for UUID (15564A05-B161-4BFF-9074-47856B2B2472)'
[2022-07-29 19:26:28,743] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> get_vm_from_node failed on host XXXXXXXX with error: Failed to connect to HyperV Management Service (#100090001 : com_error) (Error Code : HYPERV1)
[2022-07-29 19:26:28,743] [INFO] <_MainThread(MainThread)> Disabled fault scheck for backup
[2022-07-29 19:26:28,743] [INFO] <_MainThread(MainThread)> roboSyncer: scheck abort check is disabled
[2022-07-29 19:26:28,743] [INFO] <_MainThread(MainThread)> roboSyncer: Sending log to Phoenix server with message : 'Backup operation failed.'


Follow below steps to resolve the issue on Hyper - V Server

  1. Go to Services.msc

  2. Ensure that the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service(VMMS), and its dependencies (RPC, WMI) are running.

  3. Restart Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service(VMMS) services and re-test the backup.

  4. If VMMS Service fails to start, check the Windows event logs for further details.

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