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Backup proxy activation fails with the PHOENIX232 error
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Problem description

This error may occur in the following cases:

  • When an activation token is entered for a backup proxy.

  • While configuring a standalone backup proxy.


The following are the possible causes of this error:

  • The activation token is expired.

  • An incorrect type of the Phoenix Cloud is selected while configuring the standalone proxy. Check if the following line is seen while activating the backup proxy:
    ServerURL is now set.

  • You have selected option 2 while configuring the Phoenix Cloud.


The main_service.log on the VMware backup proxy located at /var/log/Phoenix/ shows:

Please enter the authentication token generated from Phoenix to enable communication to Phoenix cloud.

Activation token : 27696-3219-4307-702ab3f7ca26ac3ecfbc85262a611126678b98ff522e56c8a58aac7e3a1334a5

Registration failed with error:

ServerURL is now set.

Activating backup proxy, this may take some time....

ServerURL is now set.

The activation token is invalid because, either it has expired or reached limit for number of allowed activations. (#1000000e8) (Error Code : PHOENIX232)


  • Create a new activation token on the Phoenix Management Console.

  • Run through the configuration once on the VMware backup proxy.

    • For standalone backup proxy, use the ProxyConf command.

    • For vCenter backup proxy, turn off the backup proxy and clear the Govcloud option if you are using a public cloud.

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