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File server backups completing with errors - PhoenixFSSnapshot executable timed out
File server backups completing with errors - PhoenixFSSnapshot executable timed out
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

Windows File server backups complete with errors (show the status as ‘Successful with Errors’). Progress logs show ‘Failed to take snapshot of “C:” or “D:”. Check event log for detail error. Backing up live data.’


Snapshot creation for disk volumes (C:\, D:\ etc) fails because of VSS writers not working as expected


level=info ts=2023-02-28T22:00:10.914441+05:30 filename=snapshot_windows.go:126 message="Executing PhoenixFSSnapshot" path="C:\\Program Files\\Druva\\Phoenix Agent\\PhoenixFSSnapshot.exe"

level=info ts=2023-02-28T22:30:10.967287+05:30 filename=snapshot_windows.go:140 message="PhoenixFSSnapshot executable timed out"


  • Connect to the File Server

  • Open Task manager, Background processes show 3 Phoenix Processes

  • Kill those processes (Phoenix.exe , PhoenixCPHwnet64.exe and PhoenixFSBackupAgent.exe) (Right click on the process and End task)

  • Stop the Hybrid Workloads Agent Client Service

  • Open command prompt and run the below command
    vssadmin list writers

  • Shows no output (keeps running in the background)

  • Cancel the command (Press Control+C on the keyboard)

  • Restart the Volume Shadow Copy service (If it times out with a message that it did not respond in timely fashion, try to start it again)

  • Start the Hybrid Workload Agent Client Service

  • Run the vssadmin list writers command again, should show the writers in stable state

  • Trigger a manual backup of the affected server. This time it should complete successfully


Observe the next scheduled backup to ensure that it runs successfully without any errors

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